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All goods are ordered and produced custom for each online store.

Returns and exchanges are not accepted. 

Wondering how

our online stores work? 

All stores have a free pickup option,

as well as a paid shipping option via USPS.

  • Each store is opened with a close date listed at the top of the products page.

  • You visit our website and order goods before the close date.

  • ​Orders are produced and delivered together. What this means:
    • When the close date arrives, we remove the online store from our website, count the sizes and quantities ordered by each individual, and order the blank goods from our suppliers.
    • When the goods arrive, we check them in to verify quantities before sending them through production.
    • Goods are decorated (with embroidery, screen print, or heat transfer)
    • Decorated goods are folded and packaged into individual orders and labeled accordingly. 
    • Orders are boxed up and delivered or mailed via USPS.

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